• Registered Behavior Technician (RBT)

    Posted: 07/18/2022

    Job Overview
    The RBT provides direct one-on-one behavioral interventions to teach communication, social, and daily living skills and reduce problematic behaviors in the home, community, and school settings. RBT’s will utilize interventions developed out of the science of Applied Behavior Analysis.

    Essential Duties and Responsibilities

    • Establishes and maintains therapeutic relationship by pairing self as a reinforcing entity and building the value for the client of social interaction with the RBT
    • Prompts safe and socially acceptable replacement behaviors to build a repertoire of communication, social interaction, and problem-solving skills
    • Fades prompts appropriately to promote both successful and independent responding
    • Increases the frequency of duration of safe and appropriate replacement behaviors by providing access to reinforcers (desired items/actions, attention, or removal of demands/aversive situations)
    • Accurately collects behavior data including ABC, Frequency/Count, Duration, Latency, Inter-Response Time, Event, and Interval Based Recording
    • Follows the treatment plan goals and interventions utilizing sound judgement and seeks out appropriate consultation with BCaBA or BCBA supervising the case
    • Collaborates with the supervising BCaBA/BCBA to determine function and appropriate interventions for any new or recurring maladaptive behaviors
    • Assist with reassessment when requested by BCaBA/BCBA when appropriate
    • Sanitizes and maintains a clean workspace and/or has child assist with tidying up toys after learning in the common and individual workspaces
    • Completes daily progress note for client to provide family with information on needed supplies, toileting report and eating report
    • Any other task not listed that may arise per individual situations requested by the BCaBA/BCBA
    • Arrives on time and ready for work (08:00am FTE &/or 15 minutes before the scheduled time your client should arrive) & Clocks in/out daily using Remini app.
    • Charge Technology Daily
    Required Education and Experience
    • Required to be 18 years of age or older
    • Required to have a high-school diploma or equivalent
    • Required to have current certification as an RBT as issued by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) or obtain certification within 3 weeks from provisional employment start date
    • Required to have clean background check (local and state)
    • CPR Certification is preferred but can be provided upon employment
    • RBTs will uphold the highest level of professionalism by always assuring that health information is secure and protected in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). To assure this, employees will only be granted access to protected information that is essential to the duties of their position.
    Social Media Policy
    • All staff agree to the social media Policy listed in the Employee Handbook upon being hired.