• A Brief History of the Gordon County Chamber of Commerce

  • The Gordon County Chamber of Commerce was chartered in 1953 with local businessman A.H. Scoggins elected as its first President in 1955. By December 1961, it was chartered and bylaws had been adapted. After several years, the Chamber’s activities lapsed and interest was not widespread. As a result, the Chamber became dormant until 1961 when the Calhoun-Gordon County Planning Commission, under the direction of Burton J. Bell, considered the reactivation of the Chamber and a special study committee was appointed. It consisted of Jack Holland, Rodney Harbin, Tommy Brown, John Gunnels, Ellis Wood, and J. C. Maddox. This group recommended reorganizing the Chamber of Commerce and adopting the old charter. By-laws were drafted, appropriate committees were formed, and the December, 1961, meeting resulted in the start of a new Gordon County Chamber of Commerce. Hoyt Edwards was the first Chairman of the Board of the new Chamber. Since December 1961, the Chamber has been continually active in the affairs of Calhoun and Gordon County.

    By 1985 the Gordon County Chamber of Commerce, having expanded its programs and its staff, had outgrown its location. At the same time, it sought and gained accreditation from the Unites States Chamber of Commerce, moving into a new building which was dedicated on April 3, 1986. In 2009, the Gordon County Chamber of Commerce was given a prestigious three star accreditation rating by the United States Chamber of Commerce.

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