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    The Gordon County Chamber of Commerce is grateful for its newest members and the support they offer the organization.  Please welcome them to the Chamber community!  Visit them, check them out online or send them an email...just make sure you let them know they are welcomed and appreciated! 

    Not a member yourself?  You're welcome too!! Just click here to apply

  • It is my privilege to serve as the President & Chief Executive Officer of the Gordon County Chamber of Commerce and Development Authority of Gordon County, and I take that burden of leadership very seriously.  When challenges arise, it becomes necessary to make critical, difficult decisions very quickly.  In recent days, I have convened with the Executive Board of the Chamber to make exactly those kinds of decisions and I am grateful for the overwhelming support I have received from that Board, the Chamber membership, the staff, and the general public. My driving goal has been to protect the health of those I lead, while conducting Chamber business to the extent we are able.  At the Gordon County Chamber of Commerce, we will continue to support the business community that is still creating, building, making, caring, and serving in Calhoun-Gordon County.

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